nora nTx – the revolutionary fast installation system

Time is the enemy in today’s construction schedule. nora® nTx self-adhesive flooring system marks an end to wasted time and long waits. Easily installed over existing flooring as part of a renovation, or in new construction, nora nTx is ready for immediate use. nora nTx consists of our noraplan and norament standard floor coverings fitted with an adhesive backing. This adhesive backing is lines with a protective film. Like our floor coverings, this adhesive is also based on natural rubber and is free from health hazards.

Your benefits:

  • No need to spread adhesives, and no adhesive open time
  • No wait time after installed, allowing for immediate welding, initial cleaning, and rolling loads
  • High productivity, speedy installation with less effort
  • Fewer steps to an exceptional finish
  • Substantial time savings so you stay on schedule
  • Low odor allows for ease of installation for renovation and occupied spaces
  • No moisture or pH limits and no testing required
    nora offer the following models of nora® nTx:

  • noraplan signa nTx
  • noraplan sentica nTx
  • norament 926 grano nTx
  • norament 926 satura nTx
  • norament 926 arago nTx
  • nora

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    nora nTx – the revolutionary fast installation system

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