Designed to Lift

The LA34 actuator by LINAK is an advanced actuator, which, due to its innovative construction, can push up to 10,000 N. Its compact design, outstanding performance and range of safety options makes the LA34 actuator the ideal choice for a variety of medical and industrial purposes in the MEDLINE®, CARELINE® and TECHLINE® applications. The LA34 zinc actuator is approved according to IEC 60601-1:2005 3rd edition and ANSI / AAMI ES60601:2005 3rd edition. It is made in a zinc version or a low weight composite version according to your specific needs. 


Powerful actuator  +  Durable and compact actuator housing for harsh conditions  +  Outstanding performance  +  Low noise level  +  Factory automation  +  Scissor lift action  +  Multi purpose use in indoor applications  +  Built-in limit switches 


Max. thrust up to 10,000N in push and 6000N in pull  +  Speed: 5-18mm / sec  +  Stroke length: 100-400mm  +  Voltage: 12 or 24 V DC

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