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The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently completed an installation of its premium grade commercial security grilles for North Sydney Railway Station.

Installed at the interchange entry leading from the railway station through to Greenwood Plaza Shopping Centre,ATDC’s commercial security grille was installed to structural supports provided by Simco,the project managers for this job.The 6000mm wide grille was designed to retract back to a compact storage area of only 15% of the total area secured so as to be almost invisible during trading hours.Having recessed floor track,the commercial security grille is no impediment to the free flow of foot traffic at the railway interchange which is extremely heavy particularly during peak times.A removeable floor cover plate is in place during opening hours to create a seamless effect to the finished floor.The works for Simco were all carried out by ATDC late at night so as not to interfere with the running of Sydney’s trains.For other instances of ATDC’s commercial security grilles promoting the free flow of pedestrian foot traffic at public thoroughfares see an article at

A unique magnetic locking arrangement was installed on the commercial security grille on this project in order to comply with the BCA (Building Code of Australia).The magnetic lock is generally wired to the building’s fire indicator panel and is designed to automatically unlock and releease in the event of fire.In effect this arrangement  creates a keyless egress system for emergency exit.ATDC does have other alternative locking methods for  complying with the BCA,the type used depending on the nature and suitability of the particular project at hand.For ATDC’s locking compliance with the BCA refer to ATDC’s website at

ATDC’s commercial security  grilles are particularly appealing to Australian railway stations due to their heritage design and for this reason they are used quite frequently for securing railway stations across the country.Queensland Rail,WA Rail,Vic Rail,Metrail and Sydney’s Light Rail and NSW State Rail  are all frequent customers.The heritage design has its origin in the scissor doors that appeared in many elevators and lifts in years gone by.For further information on the widespread use of ATDC’s commercial security grilles to railway stations see an article at

ATDC’s commercial security grilles are now sold in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and across all regional centres across the country including Newcastle, Geelong, Wollongong and Townsville.These commercial security grilles are also exported widely to Singapore,Hong Kong,Vietnam and throughout SouthEast Asia and the Asia Pacific and Pacific Islands.

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