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Barangaroo is located on the north west fringe of Sydney’s central business district and spans an area of 22 hectares along Sydney Harbour.It is currently being redeveloped from historical shipping and stevedoring facilities by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority (on behalf of the NSW State Government) into a world class facility comprising recreational space and parklands,high quality commercial,office and retail space,several new apartment buildings,a hotel and casino.Once completed in 2024, it will have its own metro station and will be home to 3500 residents.

Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has supplied and installed its expandable barricades at various commercial and retail  locations across  central and southern Barrangaroo.The retail tenancies secured have required temporary lockup with a robust and safe trackless barrier which requires no structural support,is able to be fully mobile when unlocked during trading hours,and is able to traverse multi-angled shopfront configurations over a wide span.

The expandable barricades installed by ATDC have satisfied all the criteria mentioned above and are also tested under the current OH+S legislation for safety with a comprehensive independent WHS audit.

ATDC has also supplied its expandable barricades to the new Barrangaroo Ferry Terminal.Here the double diamond version of the expandable barrier has been supplied since these barricades have been tested by a NATA testing authority under the temporary fencing and hoarding provisions of Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 for dynamic impact,simulated climbing,and foothold aperture test-all these requirements were instrumental in  ATDC winning the expandable barricade contract at Barrangaroo.In this instance ATDC’s product was specified by Cox Architects while the project manager was Gartner Rose (now owned by Lend lease) For further information on the Barrangaroo Ferry Terminal project see article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/atdc-installs-safety-barriers-at-new-ferry-terminal-in-sydney

Whilst the expandable barricades to the retail tenancies were installed at a standard height of 2020mm ,those at the ferry terminal were installed at 2400mm high with a maximum available height of 2520mm.These expandable barricades installed at Barangaroo are all fabricated from steel and run on a series of heavy duty 75mm bottom rubber non marking castors (floor mounted and wall mounted locking options are available).

Aluminium expandable barricades  are also available and their anti-corrosive qualities make them more  suitable for installation in high saline content marine environments such as coastal,beachside or riverfront locations.Their anti-corrosion characteristics are enhanced by their natural anodised finish which is further complemented by their UV-resistant powder coated finish.

Typical applications for ATDC’’s expandable barricades include securing temporary tenancies,access control for shopping centres and public buildings,Worksafe applications,sports stadiums,entertainment venues,warehouses.They are also available for hire on a long,medium and short term basis.

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