Eight Tenths Garden by Wutopia Lab

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Eight Tenths Garden designed by Wutopia Lab


The newly opened Eight Tenths Garden in Shanghai is a serene space designed by local architects Wutopia Lab. As the space is a beautiful shrine to all things enamel, it is no surprise that the space was commissioned by the former manager of a famous Shanghai enamel factory who wanted to showcase Chinese craft products. The Eight Tenths Garden is a multi-purpose space which functions as a cultural centre and a museum. The design features a rock garden, a mini waterfall, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a library, a bed and breakfast and chess-playing rooms. The outdoor areas were modelled off 1970s street parks and rockeries as the designers wanted to pay tribute to the local garden history. Perforated aluminum plates have been used in a folding fan style to create a veil on the facade. Yu Ting, founder of Wutopia Lab, is a proud native of Shanghai. He aims to revitalize small spaces in his city through personal narratives, creating restful places within the megacity.


Credit: Images sourced from de zeen https://www.dezeen.com


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