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Featuring the work of renown architects Riepl Riepl Architekten, Emilio Ambasz, Predock Frane Architects, Larkin Architects, DesignInc Tasmania, Jensen & Skodvin, Allmann Sattler Wappner Architects, Daniel Bonilla, Matti Sanaksenaho, Takashi Yamaguchi, Heinz Tesar, Klein Dytham Architects, Richard Meier & Partners, and Slavin Architects, among many others.
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  • Ribbon Chapel / Hiroshi Nakamura

    Ribbon Chapel / Hiroshi Nakamura

    A remarkable fluidity characterises Hiroshi Nakamura's latest project, a wedding chapel in Hiroshima, Japan. Made of two intertwining staircases, the building spirals upwards with self-contained poise. A metaphor for the joining of two separate lives into one, this enchanting chapel captures the spirit of the ceremonies that take place inside. 

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  • La Ascensión del Señor

    La Ascensión del Señor

    Already recognised as a firm to watch in the commercial and residential realms, AGi Architects have made their first foray into religious architecture with resounding success. Bringing their unique blend of innovation and pragmatism to Seville, AGi's La Ascension del Señor Church is a reinvigoration of the church typology within a rapidly expanding suburban core. The project was undertaken with a 'double perspective' that firmly grounded AGi's conceptual exploration of the contemporary church within an economically aware framework. By reconciling two often opposing viewpoints, the project is able to perform for both its immediate occupants and those of the surrounding locality. 

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  • Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    The New Art Museums of Rio / House of Music / JA Curve Church / Fairfield Hacienda / Florence St / North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club / The Ozone House / UTS Great Hall / 2014 Venice Biennale / Meet David Karotkin

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  • JA Curve Church

    JA Curve Church

    An austere simplicity characterizes JA Curve Church, located on Jeju Island, Korea. Surrounded by dense pine groves and citrus trees, the white walls and clean lines embody the purity of its message.

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  • Church of 100 Walls

    Church of 100 Walls

    Religion is not, in essence, about dogma and rituals, but about a search for meaning. The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu, Philippines – nicknamed, for obvious reasons, The Church of 100 Walls – embodies the experience of this search through its very illegibility; its anti-form. With  labyrinthine passages and multiple doors, the church is both a mystery and a source of enlightenment. 

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  • Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut

    Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut

    A break-in at the Notre Dame du Haut chapel in Ronchamp has led to accusations of a different kind of vandalism - and inspires the Specifier team to take another look at this Le Corbusier classic

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  • Austria's Islamic Cemetery

    Austria's Islamic Cemetery

    An Islamic cemetery has been constructed in Vorarlberg, Austria, catering for the region's 38,000 Muslims.

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  • Dapto Anglican Church

    Dapto Anglican Church

    A local church has been transformed from a Sunday-only venue to something like a giant lounge room which beckons passers by to come in and share.

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  • Christchurch's Cardboard Cathedral

    Christchurch's Cardboard Cathedral

    In the wake of the 2011 earthquake, an architectural symbol of recovery has emerged in Christchurch, and surprisingly, it's made of paper. Standing as a temporary measure to replace the mid 19th-century cathedral the disaster left in ruins, Shigeru Ban's $6 million cardboard cathedral is the first substantial rebuild to be completed.

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  • Water Moon Monastery

    Water Moon Monastery

    The Water-Moon Monastery, completed in 2012, is situated on the vast Guandu Plain, on the outskirts of Taipei in Taiwan. Against the Datun Mountain backdrop and facing the Keelung River, the monastery is a striking study in simplicity and minimalism. The project takes advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape: surrounding mountains and treetops peek over the adjoining walls, connecting with the sanctuary and creating a tranquil, spiritual retreat for all its visitors.

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