Sustainable in South Korea

Posted on May 03 2010

South Korea is getting aboard the ecological train, unveiling plans for a massive nature reserve which will feature a series of aesthetically fantastic eco domes, as well as an education centre and an environmental think-tank. Samoo Architects & Engineers, in collaboration with Grimshaw Architects, has combined their talents, designing a system that will provide capital conditions for a large ecosystem across 33,090 sq m. A series of interlinking greenhouse domes that resemble a flowing river from above, the Ecorium Project will be part of the upcoming National Ecological Institute (NEI) of South Korea site. Featuring thousands of acres of open space, the project’s ultimate aim is to educate, whilst providing a space for study of the different eco-systems around the world. Using high-level technology, the project tracks the sun and adapts the interior environment suitably, creating a global eco-environment across the spaces. The exterior is finished with metal panels, low iron low-e double-glazing, wood and plexiglas, with no shading structures used, only simulated by arrangement. Eventually, the NEI hopes to add a large wild plant and wetlands reserve. The Ecorium Project will aid greatly in the Institute’s research, forming the core of the programme.