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  • Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    The New Art Museums of Rio / House of Music / JA Curve Church / Fairfield Hacienda / Florence St / North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club / The Ozone House / UTS Great Hall / 2014 Venice Biennale / Meet David Karotkin

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  • Branch Studio

    Branch Studio

    A corrugated iron shed in rural Victoria might seem like a strange subject for an article. But the new workspace of the award-winning Branch Studio Architects is more than a 'kitsch Australian shed'; with sweeping views across a mature orchard, the light-filled studio is the antithesis of the traditional enclosed structure. Designed by Brad Wray and Nicholas Russo to house their new collaborative practice, this studio is a truly creative space. 


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  • 8 Chifley Sydney

    8 Chifley Sydney

    Mirvac's latest commercial project, 8 Chifley, is a corporate skyscraper made up of villages

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  • The Green Well Building

    The Green Well Building

    A mixed use building, including a restored heritage-listed well, seeks to enhance the pedestrian environment in Alice Springs

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  • Assemble Studio

    Assemble Studio

    Assemble Projects, an inner-Melbourne architecture, design and property development company born out of a passion for small-footprint projects, have designed their own studio.

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  • 2013 Pritzker Prize Winner: Toyo Ito

    2013 Pritzker Prize Winner: Toyo Ito

    Toyo Ito has been awarded this year’s Prtizker Prize, becoming the 37th recipient of the architectural world’s highest honour. Describing him as a ‘creator of timeless buildings,’ the Pritzker Jury lauded Ito’s ability to create architecture that ‘projects an air of optimism, lightness and joy, and is infused with both a sense of uniqueness and universality.’

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  • Carlton Graphic Design Studios / Zen Architects

    Carlton Graphic Design Studios / Zen Architects

    The Carlton Graphic Design Studios is a renewed 1980s commercial building in Melbourne, on the edge of the CBD. The building now houses a boutique graphic design and publishing company, Publicity Works, who presented Zen Architects with very specific considerations to transform the space into something that catered directly to their needs and represented their values. The client brief detailed a plan to imbue the building with a sense of brand identity, which included the creation of client meeting and entertaining areas and open studio work spaces.

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  • Beaumaris Dental Clinic / Demaine Partnership

    Beaumaris Dental Clinic / Demaine Partnership

    Beaumaris Dental encompasses a dental practice, commercial tenant space and an additional apartment on the third level. These three different purpose-designed spaces are brought together in a structure that reflects the primary function of the building. Demaine Partnership, the firm commissioned to design Beaumaris Dental, drew inspiration from the role of a dentist for the glossy, precision-sculpted building shell – reminiscent of pearly white teeth. For the exterior design, the architects aimed for an interplay between translucency, reflection, depth, solidity, surface and composition.

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  • Sliced Porosity Block / Steven Holl Architects

    Sliced Porosity Block / Steven Holl Architects

    In China’s fast growing city of Chengdu, Steven Holl has created a micro metropolis with the monumental Sliced Porosity Block mixed use development. Evolving from a design perspective that eschews the iconic-object skyscraper approach, Holl’s integrated complex – with tributes to its location’s history and culture – indicates a multifaceted conceptualisation of the architectural process that has brought Chengdu’s past, present and future into a dynamic new public space.

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  • Dongwha Timber Administration Office / Place Architects

    Dongwha Timber Administration Office / Place Architects

    Peter Wolfenden’s Place Architects is based around the philosophy that architecture should elicit a connection with people and evoke a strong sense of place based on its character and identity. With the new Dongwha Timbers Office in Bombala NSW, Wolfenden has designed a building that draws this character and identity from its unique surroundings, tapping into a sense of place intimately connected to the landscape in which it stands. The client, Dongwha Timbers, needed a new office complex that would form part of a $74 million redevelopment of the Dongwha Timber sawmilling operations. The building was intended as a multiuse complex made up of an administration office, board room facilities and operational staff facilities. It would also as a public face for Dongwha Timbers, designed to easily accommodate school groups and local community groups.

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