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Featuring the work of renown architects HASSELL Architects, Gregory Burgess Architects, John Wardle Architects, Wilson Architects, Peter Elliott Architecture, Urban Design, Anthony Styant-Browne Architect, Phillips Pilkington Architects, Woods Bagot, Woodhead International, Russell & Yelland Architects, and Guida Moseley Brown Architects, among many others.
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  • The Sustainable Industries Education Centre

    The Sustainable Industries Education Centre

    Located within an abandoned car manufacturing plant, Adelaide's new Sustainable Industries Education Centre (SIEC) is a wryly appropriate metaphor for the decline of dirty industries and the accompanying rise of green alternatives. Commissioned by the Government of South Australia, the foresighted project integrates five dated TAFE campuses into one state-of-the-art facility. 


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  • Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    Specifier Magazine Issue 116

    The New Art Museums of Rio / House of Music / JA Curve Church / Fairfield Hacienda / Florence St / North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club / The Ozone House / UTS Great Hall / 2014 Venice Biennale / Meet David Karotkin

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  • UTS Great Hall

    UTS Great Hall

    Located inside the podium of a much-maligned Brutalist tower, the University of Technology Sydney's (UTS) Great Hall and Balcony Room forms a majestic contrast to its surrounds. With its angular forms and dramatic ceiling, the university's most important ceremonial space is an impressive architectural statement.

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  • Abedian School of Architecture

    Abedian School of Architecture

    Housing the next generation of architects, Bond University's new Abedian School of Architecture is, appropriately, an exemplar illustration of good design. Both a learning and a social environment, the building caters for the diverse needs of the student population. Sheltered to the north and airy to the south, platforms, pockets, corners, eyries and escape runs punctuate the space, allowing for lectures, study, and social gatherings to occur simultaneously. 

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  • Emerson College LA

    Emerson College LA

    Sunset Boulevard has a new architectural star with Emerson College's campus in Los Angeles. Housing the Boston-based college's semester-long internship program – through which students gain professional work experience with television and film studios, music companies, media outlets and marketing agencies – the building brings East Coast metropolitan energy to an iconic LA setting. Designed by the internationally revered Thom Mayne of Morphosis, the building is a bold, imaginative paean to the the bright lights of Hollywood. 

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  • Library in Muyinga

    Library in Muyinga

    A modest structure in a small town of Eastern Africa speaks volumes on the relationship between architecture and the communities it serves. BC Architects' library for deaf children in Burundi explores the evolution of the architectural profession, the value of participatory design, and the creative inspiration that comes from appreciating local materials and practices.

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  • The Centre for Carbon Food and Water

    The Centre for Carbon Food and Water

    Australia's first multidisciplinary research centre for agricultural and environmental studies has opened at the University of Sydney's semi-rural Camden campus. The building is a response to growing issues surrounding food production, land management and future sustainability in Australia and the broader region.

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  • 2013 Pritzker Prize Winner: Toyo Ito

    2013 Pritzker Prize Winner: Toyo Ito

    Toyo Ito has been awarded this year’s Prtizker Prize, becoming the 37th recipient of the architectural world’s highest honour. Describing him as a ‘creator of timeless buildings,’ the Pritzker Jury lauded Ito’s ability to create architecture that ‘projects an air of optimism, lightness and joy, and is infused with both a sense of uniqueness and universality.’

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  • National Centre for Synchotron Science / Bates Smart

    National Centre for Synchotron Science / Bates Smart

    One of Australia’s most important scientific assets, the Australian Synchrotron has an international reputation as a sophisticated, high technology science and research facility. It is thus fitting that one of Australia’s leading architectural firms, Bates Smart, has completed the National Centre for Synchrotron Science (NCSS) as a new public face for the Australian Synchrotron located in Melbourne’s suburb of Clayton. Unifying several new buildings together, the NCSS is the centrepiece gateway for the facility, providing a striking and contemporary celebration of the synchrotron’s groundbreaking work.

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  • Academie MWD / Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos

    Academie MWD / Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos

    An informal cultural hub in the west of the Dutch-speaking belt around Brussels has been given new energy with the addition of Carlos Arroyo’s Academie MWD. The chameleonic yet commanding structure of the Academie interlinks with its varied surroundings through an innovative, optically dynamic facade, both harmonising its disparate surroundings and standing as a unique landmark in its own right.

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