TintFX offers a wide range of solar films that help reduce energy cost and enhance the working environment.

Solar film provides sustainable and cost effective solutions. It maintains indoor temperatures by significantly rejecting solar heat transmitted through glass and windows.  Solar film can mean a 30% saving in cooling air conditioning usage.

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2/33 Roseberry Street Balgowlah NSW 2093 Australia

t: 02 8004-9388

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  • TintFX Frosted/Privacy Film enlarge

    TintFX Frosted/Privacy Film

    TintFX's ‘Decorative’ Film is not only a range of aesthetic-based ornamental glass treatments,  being a technique that experiments with transparency, and ultimately privacy as well.  The film is available in clear or computer cut frost; black and white opaque options; and, colour films.  The computer cut frosted film creates an opportunity to fabricate uniquely designed patterns, which may express corporate identity or simply transform the work atmosphere by playing with the way staff peer through the windows as well as the way light travels into the space.  Walls can be replaced with evocative and light encouraging windows whilst still maintaining a sense of privacy.


    Removes the problem of glare without blinds  +  available in a large range  +  sense of privacy  +  reduces the use of electrical lighting and power consumption 

  • Armocoat by TintFX enlarge

    Armocoat by TintFX

    Shattered glass can be the result of theft, vandalism or the weather, and TintFX has a solution that promotes the safety of residential and commercial buildings. Armocoat by TintFX is a protective film which reinforces glass areas so that shards remain in place.  This means that internal spaces are harder to penetrate and replacing broken glass is no longer a messy job.  Additionally, an equally valued quality is Armocoat’s ability to provide beneficial solar and UV protection, as well as being able to help create comfortable temperature levels for internal spaces. This is a product that is essential to buildings in many levels.  


    Improved safety  +  option of  solar and ultraviolet rays protection  +  keeps the temperature of internal spaces controllable and stable