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Based in Sydney, Sareen Stone is an importer and wholesale distributor of premium natural stone and stone products including marble, limestone, travertine, ceramics and glass mosaics. Also available through Sareen stone are DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional stone-care range of sealers and cleaners.

Sareen Stone is known for their quality, value and innovation in supplying products to a wide rage of residential, resort and commercial projects throughout Australia and internationally.

Always the first choice of many architects, designers, builders, landscapers & retailers, their products have been used in many exclusive residences, resorts & corporate buildings throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane/ Gold Coast and ACT.

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1/39 Rhodes Street Hillsdale NSW 2036 Australia

t: 02 9736-1833

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  • Supply Solutions enlarge

    Supply Solutions

    A Time & Cost-effective Package for Builders

    Is this you?

    Are you tired of dealing with multiple suppliers for all your tiling needs and want to take the time-consuming hassles & running around out of your business?

    Do you want to consolidate the buying process, because:

    + You want to have Access to the latest tiling products on the market
    + You don’t have time to Run around half the day to numerous tile suppliers when you could put your time to more constructive use
    + You don’t have time to Write multiple orders to multiple suppliers
    + You don’t have time to Call multiple suppliers for delivery schedules
    + You don’t have time to Reconcile multiple accounts
    + You want to Save Money by consolidating your purchasing to maximise your buying power?

    Look no further! Sareen can offer a customised product offering, tailored to both you and your clients' budget requirements

    Together, we can create a solid, working relationship; so that you have a complete outsource division committed to providing a time & cost-effective solution to help you run your business.

    Here’s What Sareen Stone Can Offer You:

    Every builder has a different offering and target different market segments – Now you can use Sareen Stone as your “Go-To” wholesaler for most of your day to day requirements. We can deliver the following in 1 package:

    + Natural Stone Tiles, Pavers, Pool Copings, Step Treads, Driveway Cobbles, Feature Wall Cladding, Slabs
    + Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles
    + Glass & Ceramic Mosaics, Pool Tiles
    + DuPont StoneTech Sealers & Cleaners
    + Ardex Glues, Grouts & Leveling Compounds
    + Spacers & Wedges
    + A wholesale showroom, at your disposal
    + Assistance with design options, with your clients, if necessary
    + Customised price list, brochures, samples & displays, specific to your requirements
    + Customer service centre operating from 8am to 5pm, 5½ days a week.
    + A large Sydney warehouse located in Hillsdale/Botany, with ample parking.

  • Limestone enlarge


    Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is composed predominantly of calcite. Pure limestone is almost white; however impurities such as sand, iron oxide, clay and organic remains will influence the colour and overall appearance of the stone.

    Sareen Stone's limestone collection varies from Dionysus the most pure limestone to Crema Alpenia with its distinctive character and warm colour shift.

    Limestone is most commonly used for pool surrounds, kitchen & bathroom flooring and wall cladding.

    It is also used extensively for commercial building construction purposes due to its durability and pure colours. Limestone is the stone of choice for many builders and designers due to the look and feel of the surface.

    Sareen Stone Limestone is available in both tile and slab formats.

    Sareen Stone collection of stunning marble includes:

    + Creama Marquina
    + Gohera
    + Isernia
    + Catherdral
    + Jura Grey & Jura Beige
    + Lavrosa
    + Serpanjani

    Sareen Stone Limestone is available in the following finishes:

    + Honed
    + Polished
    + Tumbled
    + Acid Washed
    + Brushed
    + Antiquated
    + Etched
    + Sandblasted & Fine Sandblasted

  • Marble enlarge


    Marble has transformed itself into a contemporary finish which truly adds elegance and style to an interior scheme.

    Favored by designers and decorators, the use of marble in homes around Australia and the world has increased over the past few years.

    With amazing colours and styles such as the elegant Calacatta and the NEW Grigio Carnico Marble adding real impact; their distinctive veining will create a powerful statement in any home or commercial environment. 

    Marble is formed over thousands of years by pressure. Multiple types of minerals form together to create its unique color and texture. This is why so many designers prefer to use this stone to add texture and impact to any room.

    Marble is suitable for interior use including floors, walls and countertops and available in tile and slab format.

    Sareen Stone collection of stunning marble includes:

    + Calacatta  & Carrara Bianco C
    + Emperador & Gregorio
    + Grigio Carnico
    + Peitra Grey
    + Creama Malfi  & Creama Vialle Premium
    + Liguario
    + Monaco Brown
    + Imperial Grey & Imperial Oyster

    Sareen Stone Marble is available in the following finishes:

    + Polished
    + Honed
    + Tumbled
    + Antiquated

  • Travertine enlarge


    Travertine is a sedimentary rock, which is formed by minerals dissolving in ground water and then being deposited on the earth's surface by rivers and natural springs.

    Characteristically, travertine has pits and crevices on the stone's surface and throughout the stone's body. Travertine does not retain heat, which makes it perfect for external applications.

    Travertine has been used as a building stone since ancient times, therefore will stand the test of time, complement and add value to any property.

    Travertine is often used as decorative building stone and works for both indoor and outdoor applications. In particular for residential projects in can be used in living, bathroom and kitchen areas.

    Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving patios, landscaping and pool surrounds.  Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture and is commonly used for façades, wall cladding, and flooring.

    Get an impressive look for your project with Sareen Stone range of exclusive Travertine including:

    + Bianca Navona
    + Navona
    + Cappuccino
    + Classic
    + Noce
    + Domus Aurea Striato
    + Silver Copper & Silver Ash

    Sareen Stone Travertine is available in the following finishes:

    + Filled & Honed
    + Unfilled & Honed
    + Tumbled

  • Sandstone enlarge


    The stone that Sydney sits on is also one of the most popular stones used extensively in many residential & commercial architectural, landscaping and paving projects in Australia.

    In particular Sydney sandstone dates from the Triassic Period. Six kilometres of sandstone and shale lie under Sydney. In Sydney sandstone, the ripple marks from the ancient river that brought the grains of sand are distinctive and easily seen, telling geologists that the sand comes from rocks formed between 500 to 700 million years ago far to the south.

    This means that the highest part of the visible lines almost always faces approximately south. It is a very porous stone and acts as a giant filter. It is composed of very pure silica grains and a small amount of the iron mineral siderite in varying proportions, bound with a clay matrix. It oxidises to the warm yellow-brown colour that is notable in the buildings which are constructed of it.

    Himalayan Sandstone is a stunning, yet versatile product that adds a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance to compliment or feature any design. Perfect for the Australian environment and widely used throughout Australian homes it offers a warm, neutral colour that stays cooler in the heat of summer – it’s the perfect finish for any application internally or externally.

    Sareen Stones Himalayan sandstone stands apart from most Himalayan available in the marketplace as it is calibrated providing consistent thickness and limited colour variation.

    Sareen Stone collection of stunning Sandstone includes Himalayan & Sydney Buff Sandstones and available in Anti-Slip, Natural and Sawn finishes.

  • Basalt enlarge


    Basalt’s sophisticated dark graphite colour makes it one of the most popular choice in contemporary landscape design, often used to contrast and complement another stone to define and accentuate spaces. Common applications include residential cobblestones and paver formats for driveways, landscaping, pool surrounds and stepping stones. Sareen Stone Basalt is quarried from volcanic rocks and is particular hardwearing and strong when sealed, perfect in building and construction. Their collection includes Black Titan Basalt and Black Titan Microhole Basalt, both available in Honed and Water Sanblasted finishes.

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