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The team of highly skilled trades people, artists and industrial designers at Di Emme Creative Solutions is committed to making unique features, ensuring individuality for each project. As well as creating and supplying unique, one-off paint finishes, metallic surfaces, tromp d'oeils, murals and stone-look panel cladding, Di Emme provides a full range of services including project design & development, rendering, consultation, estimating & budgeting, art direction, materials advice, drafting, construction drawings, colour boards, models & maquettes, presentations and fabrication.

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Unit 3 87-89 Moore Street Leichhardt NSW 2040

t: 02 9550 0811f: 295500833

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  • Stonini Profilestone Panels enlarge

    Stonini Profilestone Panels

    Stonini Profilestone is an eco friendly, hand crafted and light weight composite panel which offers functional and atractive textural wall finishes. Such products add natural organic ambience to modern day interior as well as exterior environment, with a diverse choice of sculpted profile designs, each showcasing alluring and beautiful Stonini Profile stones. To achieve a lasting colour finish, the Stonini mixture is coloured with natural pigments prior to casting, then spray-painted when dry with one of 66 Stonini topcoat colours exclusively created by Resene. Stonini Profile Stone Panels are an inspiring and creative resource especially for residential, commercial, hospitality and retails projects panels, having been expertly designed and engineered by Di Emme Creative Solutions, a 100 percent Australian owned and operated company.


    Stonini Profilestone panels sold as per full panel + Orders calculated as per the panel size + Panels are cut straight edge or mitred using a sharp tungsten blade on a panel saw + Pre-coloured with natural pigments + Range of 66 Resene topcoat colours + Custom colours available for orders of 30 panels or more + Covered by 5 year warranty

  • Caviar Glassbead Panels enlarge

    Caviar Glassbead Panels

    Caviar Glassbead Panels from Di Emme Creative Solutions use the refractive qualities of pure glass beads to create eye catching luxurious and tactile surfaces. The Caviar glass beads are clear and are applied over pre-coloured surfaces to achieve individual colours or other graphic effects. Moreover, Di Emme’s advanced application techniques allow designers to incorporate the sparkling beauty of a Caviar Glassbead panel in myriad ways, for example, as a unique wallpaper, over MDF panelling, for graphics and signage, and even applied to curved forms.

    Pure Czechoslovakian glass beads used as a sumptuous surface finish + Created by innovative designers to have brilliant tactile and visual qualities + Beads are applied over painted or patterned surfaces to transform a simple surface into a luxurious finished graphic + Available in many different bead sizes (2mm, 4.5mm, 6mm) to impart different dimensional aesthetics + Makes stunning wall and ceiling panelling, and is ideal for corporate entrances

  • Di Emme Creative Solutions Custom Murals enlarge

    Di Emme Creative Solutions Custom Murals

    Di Emme Creative Solutions is known for creating custom-made architectural features, lighting features, decorative finishes and even murals, for public spaces as well as commercial applications. Di Emme murals make a dramatic and cost-effective impact for any business, allowing clients to brand their environment without being obviously commercial. This sort of unique quality mural attracts customer attention and also offers a building landmark status and luxury, allowing you to reinforce a specific attractive theme and even capture a desired ambience.

  • Di Emme Custom Designed Architectural Finishes enlarge

    Di Emme Custom Designed Architectural Finishes

    The team at Di Emme can design, engineer and build eye-catching customised three dimensional elements including sculptural designs, faux trees and rocks, carvings, and metalwork, for depicting a client’s name, logo and or just as a general feature statues in retail environments, play areas and custom product displays. The enduring quality of Di Emme fabrications is the result of an amalgamation between traditional skills and groundbreaking state of the art techniques, and Di Emme artisans are experts at combining and working with a number of materials. The Di Emme production facility offers superior conditions in which creative and technical fabrication can be done in the most efficient manner.

  • Di Emme Custom Paint Finishes enlarge

    Di Emme Custom Paint Finishes

    Di Emme Creative Solutions is a leading supplier of custom paint finishes in Australia, with a wide range of decorative finish products designed especially to add a luxurious aesthetic to residential, industrial and commercial areas. Di Emme Paint Finishes are versatile and very high quality, comprising an ever expanding library of traditional and contemporary paint finishes, including stencilling and texture effects. These paints are then prepared and applied by Di Emme’s skilled team of professional talented artists who achieve personalised effects for each project, and are expert in achieving a unified application even in very large commercial areas.

  • Metafinish Metallic Coatings enlarge

    Metafinish Metallic Coatings

    Metafinish is a designer liquid metallic application that adds eye-catching metallic coatings to non metallic substrates. Metafinish can be used to create a sophisticated and engaging texture with ornate detailing, at a much lower cost than solid metal products. Available finishes include copper, pewter, bronze, brass, iron, zinc and champagne bronze. The metallic effect can be achieved through creative hand application or by casting Metafinish, depending on design requirements, with the potential for a huge variety of applications spanning residential, artistic and commercial contexts.

    Sophisticated appearance due to creative hand application or casting + Metallic finish is long lasting and damage resistant + Waterproof and suitable for both interior and exterior environments + Excellent resistance to yellowing, heat, and thermal shock + High resistance to flex cracking and fatigue + Customers include builders, metal fabricators, artists and sign makers.

  • Di Emme Creative Solutions Custom Trompe L’oeil enlarge

    Di Emme Creative Solutions Custom Trompe L’oeil

    Trompe L’oeil is a French term that means to deceive the eye: an artistic tradition which dates back to the ancient Greeks. So, what is this actually? Tromp L’oeils such as those designed and applied by the specialists at Di Emme Creative Solutions are realistic wall paintings which attract the attention of the audience, visitors and the customers, focussing on the application of shadow effects, light and realistic perspective in order to create an illusion of atmosphere and depth. Di Emme Trompe L’oeil doors, stairways, curtains, sceneries and other such paintings look as if they are actually there, making any corporate, commercial or retail space appear larger and more interesting than it really is.

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  • Unique Lighting Features by Di Emme

    Challenged by some of Australia’s most recognised designers to create unique sculptural lighting features for their prestige projects, 2008 ...