The universal outdoor fireplace model is perfect for the growing trend of alfresco dining and entertaining. Similar to Jetmaster’s open wood fireplaces, it is designed to prevent smoke re-entering a room. Requiring only minimal brickwork, this fireplace gives unsurpassed radiant and convected heat that would help to ease the harsh Australian climate. It consists of a durable mild steel firebox and is protected by a stainless steel cover, and is available in 12 universal firebox sizes. 

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t: 1300 219 875

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    Jetmaster Heat & Glo

    Jetmaster is a trusted retailer of wood, gas and electric fireplaces.  The company provides indoor and outdoor fireplaces with efficient heating and minimal maintainence.  They have earned a leading distribution role in the Australian fireplace industry because of the characteristic, discreet contruction details coupled with high quality materials.

    Jetmaster's new and retrofitted fireplaces require a quick and easy installation with little brick work. The fireplaces are low-maintenance with minimal cleaning and no smoke guarantee.  Unlike many fireplaces in today's market, Jetmaster models create more heat with more efficiency than conventional fireplaces. Beyond these practical qualities, Jetmaster fireplaces create atmosphere within intimate spaces, as well as outdoors, that cannot be imitated. 

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    With an attractive step top design, this range delivers high efficiency and low emissions with a maximum burn time of 21 hours. Combined with...

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