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The sleek but warm Luminaire Outdoor Flame by Rinnai is the perfect way to light up an external space.  The elegant appearance and versatile design combines simple.  Able to be placed anywhere outdoors, it removes the need for complex piping and replaces it with a gas bottle that can store up to 9kg.  The efficient design means that it is easy to install.    The Luminaire Outdoor Flame range includes the Freestanding Outdoor Fire with minimal installation requirements, the Single Sided Outdoor Fire that includes a durable stainless steel cabinet, and the Open See Through Outdoor Fire framed and viewed from both sides.  Constructed out of quality durable materials Rinnai’s Luminaire Outdoor Flame will surely create a favorable ambience in any outdoor space.  


Dimensions 197x1080x400mm  +  Inbuilt dimensions for the Single Sided Cabinet 555x1180x50, and the Freestanding in an enclosed Cabinet 500x1150x470mm  +  Gas Input LPG (Low-High) and NG (Logh-High)  


Easy to install  +  no piping hassle  +  Easy to use ignition that allow flame effect variations  +  For both domestic and commercial hospitality installations   

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