Viridian Profilit is a self-supporting glazing system consisting of U-shaped profiled glass, and supplied as a glass and framing system for internal partitions and facades. Stylish yet highly durable, Viridian Profilit allows diffused light to enter the building while presenting a translucent external appearance on the building façade. Profilit can be installed as a single wall, or as a double wall for extra thermal and sound insulation. The panels have been manufactured in single lengths of 3 to 5.8 m, and the joints between panels can be configured horizontally or vertically.

Dimensions: Flange: 41 mm, width: 262 mm + Light transmission: single shell: 86%, double shell: 75% + Insulation U value: single shell: 5.6, double shell: 2.8 + Sound transmission: single shell: 22 dB, double shell: 38 dB

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  • Viridian enlarge


    Welcome to the world of Viridian.

    A new force in Australasian glass design and manufacture, Viridian is the result of two acquisitions by CSR. One, the Australian and New Zealand arm of the Pilkington business and the other, DMS Glass. Both have been progressive and innovative market leaders in Australasia , introducing many groundbreaking advances. As Viridian, this tradition will continue to flourish and expand.

    This is why we call Viridian ‘New World Glass’.

  • Viridian EnviroShield Performance XIR enlarge

    Viridian EnviroShield Performance XIR

    Viridian EnviroShield Performance XIR is a highly specialised glass products, where film is encapsulated in laminated glass, thereby creating an energy efficient, colour-neutral product with superb solar control properties. XLR offers particularly exceptional reduction of solar heat gain, and in some applications, is even superior in comparison to heavily tinted and higher or reflective solar control products, while still resembling standard clear flat glass.

    Looks just like standard transparent glass + Superior heat-gain resistance, even compared to full tinting + Colour-neutral

  • Viridian DecorSatin enlarge

    Viridian DecorSatin

    Viridian DecorSatin is one of the highest quality translucent float glasses, wherein a side is treated with acid etch for producing satin finish. It features easy handling, excellent privacy, and high light transmission, and wiith a non-reflective matte satin surface, admits around 90% of light, but also diffuses it, thereby giving a natural, glare-free feel. Viridian DecorSatin is suitable for applications such as partitioning, shelving, showerscreens, doors, balustrades, furniture, louvres, and privacy windows.

    Simple to process + Can be laminated, doubled, or combined as portion of double-glazed unit + High light transmission + Convenient for exterior and interior applications + Not susceptible to staining

  • Pyroshield enlarge


    Pyroshield is a contemporary, fire resistant, and aesthetically pleasing glass designed by Viridian. It contains a chemically-treated steel wire mesh that is sandwiched in the center of the glass during the manufacturing process, and the both sides of the glass are then ground and polished so as to provide vision that is completely free from distortion. If Pyroshield is exposed to fire, the glass fractures, but remains held together by the wire mesh, helping maintaining its integrity and preventing potentially serious glass injuries. Maintaining the glass integrity also prevents the passage of flame, smoke, and gases, and can also serve as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

    Proven fire-resistant performance + Doesn’t get affected by water spray or cracking + External or internal applications + Remains transparent all through fire period + Restricts hot gases, smoke, and flames

    *SPECIFICATIONS * Thickness: 6 mm + Integrity: 60 mins. + Maximum size tested: 1400 X 1600 mm

  • Viridian AssaultGuard enlarge

    Viridian AssaultGuard

    Viridian AssaultGuard is a cost-effective method of providing an obstacle to forced entry, while still maintaining glass clarity and transparency. Viridian AssaultGuard incorporates interlayers four times thicker than those manufactured in standard laminates, and has been designed for resisting attack from spectrum of hand tools often utilised for forced entry, such as wood splitters, crowbars, and hammers. AssaultGuard is suitable for low-to-medium applications where commercial-level security is a priority, as well as commercial applications at high-risk of break-in, like doorways, windows, and vulnerable shopfronts.

    Resists forced entry and penetration + Provides protection against ultra-violet radiation + Can easily be supplied with privacy and solar energy properties + Can withstand repeated blows from heavy objects like crowbars, hammers, and bricks.

  • Viridian ComfortPlus solar laminated glass enlarge

    Viridian ComfortPlus solar laminated glass

    Viridian ComfortPlus is a laminated glass product developed to meet the objectives of specifiers with regards to high performance solar control, transparency and low reflection. ComfortPlus is a cost-effective way of reducing heating and cooling costs and energy consumption, while maintaining a comfortable internal environmental all year round. The high daylight transmission and solar control of ComfortPlus makes it possible to have large areas of glazing without wasting energy or increasing demand for curtains and blinds.

    Cost-efficient insulation + Daylight transmission: Up to 76% + Solar Control: up to 70% + Fading reduction: 30% improvement in ‘U’ Value

  • Viridian DecorColour laminated glass enlarge

    Viridian DecorColour laminated glass

    Viridian DecorColour is a laminated glass product consisting of a spectrum of base-coloured interlayers, which can be combined to produce thousands of coloured laminated options. The Viridian DecorColour range comprises ten transparent colors in hues of pink, blue, grey, and yellow. Foundation colors include Aquamarine, Sapphire, Coral Rose, Golden Light, Sahara Sun, Evening Shadow, True Blue, Deep Red, Ruby Red, and Smoke Grey. Translucent colours available include Arctic Snow and Cool White. Opaque options such as Pure White are also available. The Interlayers have been manufactured using light-stable pigments and heat, and not dyes, to produce a fade-resistant colour effect.

  • Viridian DecorMirror Safe enlarge

    Viridian DecorMirror Safe

    Viridian DecorMirror Safe is the environmentally friendly way to achieve a brighter mirror into the future, offering superb protection of the reflective silver coating without necessity of copper layer that is utilized in traditional mirror processes. This mirror protection product helps to achieve 92% light reflection, and is a successful culmination of extensive testing aimed at bringing an innovative new technology to the market. Viridian DecorMirror Safe also provides resistance against natural corrosion, minimising unsightly problems relating to spot faults and black edges. Two coats of Viridian’s exclusive backing paint also gives extra protection against chemicals, moisture, and steam.

    DecorPatterned options can be made available if requested + Available as Grade A safety product + Improved resistance against adhesives and cleaners + Higher resistance against corrosion

  • Viridian DecorPattern Glass panels enlarge

    Viridian DecorPattern Glass panels

    Viridian DecorPattern is a patterned glass product designed to provide a diverse range of decorative glass finishes. Viridian DecorPattern is produced by passing a molten glass ribbon in a continuous manner between two rollers, one of which comprises of a pattern that creates a permanent impression on the glass. Despite its delicate aesthetics, Viridian DecorPattern possesses every attribute of glass: ease of cleaning and maintenance, long-term durability, and resistance against marking and scratching. Common applications include interior partitions, feature panels and windows.

    Stocked by the majority of distributors (easy to source) + Manufactured using recycled glass + Can be laminated or toughened to ensure Grade A safety + Toned and white options including wired-glass options for Grade B safety + Cost-effective means of glass decoration and permanent privacy

    Seadrift + Glue Chip + Broadline + Narrow Reeded + Strata + Sparkle + Kosciusko + Roughcast + Satinlite + Satinlite Low Iron + Sportswood + New Cathedral + Flemish + Scintila + Squarelte + Polished Wire

  • Viridian EVantage enlarge

    Viridian EVantage

    Viridian EVantage is a cost-efficient glazing solution for projects in need of an alternative to standard glass that offers better thermal and solar performance. Viridian EVantage is produced by the Viridian pyrolithic process, where a gas reacts with the semi-molten surface of the flat glass, forming a reflective coating on toned and clear substrates. This result provides a combination of thermal and solar performance, glare control, and subtle reflectivity, with base colours available in either bronze, grey, or clear.

    Solar performance + Glare control + Thermal resistance + Good light transmission with subtle reflectivity + Low UV transmission + Short Lead Times + Can be utilised in single-gazed form with coating exposed

  • Viridian IntruderGuard security glass enlarge

    Viridian IntruderGuard security glass

    Viridian IntruderGuard resembles normal glass, but provides a strong barrier against forced entry that is twenty times harder than normal glass, thanks to Viridian’s interlayer, which is four times thicker than normal laminated glass. This serves as an enduring and resilient barrier to protect any potential vulnerable entry points across a wide spectrum of applications such as shopfronts and shop windows, display rooms, galleries and any other commercial glazed frontage.

    20 times harder than normal glass + Interlayer 4 times thicker than standard laminated glass + Improved resistance to accidental impact + Lessens fading of furnishings by absorbing up to 99% of UV radiation + Available in Viridian, tint, or clear ComfortPlus + Lessens non-desirable noise + Thickness of lamination varying between 6.52 and 7.52 mm

  • Viridian Observa observation mirrors enlarge

    Viridian Observa observation mirrors

    Viridian Observa is an observation mirror glazing product that offers one-way, high quality vision thereby allowing for unobtrusive, and discreet monitoring of subjects. Viridian Observa appears to be a mirror on the subject side, thus providing privacy for the observers. This product has also been laminated to help in the reduction of noise transmission and protection against accidental or forced human impact.

    Laminated to ensure safety + Noise attenuation + Coating protected against scratching + 1:7 ratio recommended

  • Viridian Seraphic Standard decorative glass panels enlarge

    Viridian Seraphic Standard decorative glass panels

    Viridian Seraphic Standard decorative glass panels are decorative, toughened glass panels manufactured by adding a ceramic coating screen printed onto the glass prior to the toughening process. The toughening process then fuses the ceramic paint to the glass surface, to ensure a durable and permanent finish. Virtually any colour can be matched the by Seraphic process, and the ceramic finish is also available in custom designs.

    Short Lead Times + Easy to maintain + Durable and long-lasting + Non-porous + Design freedom, custom designs available + Doesn’t crack or fade even during demanding applications go up to 250 degree Celsius.

  • Viridian SolTech enlarge

    Viridian SolTech

    Viridian SolTech is a low emissivity glass, which is used either as an inner glass, in combination with Viridian ThermoTech, or as a solar control laminated glass in external applications. Viridian SolTech is never used as single glass: it is designed to be used in combination with other Viridian Glass products. When used with ThermoTech, for example, SolTech increases insulation and serves as a second defense against solar rays. Common applications include those which require extra solar protection and further reductions in energy use.

    Pyrolytic Coating + Color Neutral + Simple processing + Does not require coating edge deletion

  • Viridian SuperGreen solar control super toned glass enlarge

    Viridian SuperGreen solar control super toned glass

    Viridian VFloat SuperGreen is a super toned glass product which delivers significant improvements in solar performance when compared to normal toned glass or VFloat. The colours are deeper, while still ensuring natural views from the interior with the help of low exterior reflectance, ensuring approximately 20% better solar performance in comparison with traditional tones.

    Low reflectance + Neutral Light Transmittance + High solar-control float glass + Better solar performance than normal toned glass

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