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Samsung have been creating imaginative solutions for more than 70 years and with the high capacity split air conditioner comfort is just a click of a button away.  Wake up refreshed with the Samsung Good Sleep Mode which utilises a clever automatic programme that adjusts temperatures according to the different stages of sleep to achieve deeper sleep is achieved faster. For easy operation, the Auto heat cool change over mode automatically switches from cooling and heating modes where significant temperature changes are a challenge.  The Samsung 4 Step Air Purifying System uses silver coated filters to capture and remove allergy aggravating dust particles in the air, while working with Deodorising and Catechin filters to remove fungi, bacteria, absorb smoke and eliminate unpleasant odours.  To ensure air is always fresh, a Silver Coated Evaporator efficiently removes condensation, effectively preventing the development of stale odours.  Maximum comfort at home is always ensured with this simple balance between ideal temperatures, clean air and pleasant smells.





Classic inverter + Good Sleep Mode + 4 Step Air Purifying System + Auto heat cool change over mode + Filters that remove bacteria and fungi to reduce odours + Timer + Dehumidification + Energy Saving Mode




1279mm x 345mm x 229mm + Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr) 27,296 + Capacity (Cooling, Cal/hr) 6,880 + Capacity (Cooling, kW) 8 + Capacity (Heating, Btu/hr) 30,708 + Capacity (Heating, Cal/hr) 7,740 + Capacity (Heating, kW) 9.0 + Air circulation (Max, M3/min) 23


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Po Box 63 Homebush Bay NSW 2127 Australia

t: 02 9763 9700

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