Since its inception in 1967, Mitsubishi Electric has led the industry as one of Australia's most reliable and ubiquitous suppliers of electrical and electronic products.

Featuring an extensive product catalogue of air conditioning and refrigeration products alongside visual information systems and industrial equipment, the company brings performance efficiency and design excellence to the residential, commercial, and industrial spheres. From residential air conditioning units to large scale commercial heating and cooling systems, the Mitsubishi Electric name is synonymous with quality and performance in any space.

Beyond providing high quality goods and exceptional customer service, Mitsubishi Electric prides itself on its use of innovative technology to satisfy evolving customer needs in a sustainable manner.

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348 Victoria Rd Rydalmere NSW 2116 Australia

t: 1300 651 808t: (02) 9684-7684

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  • Pedestal Fan enlarge

    Pedestal Fan

    With a contemporary, slim design and compact motor, the Mitsubishi Electric Pedestal Fan is a cooling solution that is both decorative and highly functional. The adjustable-height fan is available in three colours to complement a versatile range of interiors, while a three-speed, 40cm diameter fan is quiet and effective on every setting.

    Equipped with a Crystal Blade and rhythm mode to mimic natural wind flows, the Pedestal Fan can also be controlled using a wireless remote control for ultimate convenience. As with all Mitsubishi Electric indoor climate solutions, the Pedestal Fan incorporates concerns of sustainability, and features the foregoing performance capabilities while maintaining a low power consumption. The lightweight console allows for ease of portability, rendering the Pedestal Fan the ideal cost efficient and mobile cooling device.

    More information is available here.

  • PEA-RP Series enlarge

    PEA-RP Series

    Designed to address the air conditioning needs of a commercial environment or larger home, Mitsubishi Electric's PEA-RP range offers the best in ducted inverter systems. Combining style and performance efficiency, the ceiling-concealed units are part of a customisable system, with various accessories and options allowing maximum user comfort and satisfaction.

    Quiet and compact yet extremely powerful, the PEA-RP series harnesses high static pressure fans to maintain consistent airflows between multiple spaces. The ducted system is compatible with long refrigerant piping for maximum installation flexibility, and features a 13.5kW cooling and 16kW heating capacity.

    Temperature and humidity monitoring functions, timer controls, and scheduling functions are centralised in a touch screen controller, which can be used in conjunction with an internet connection to monitor the ducted system and warn of any faults. To find out more information, click here.

  • SLZ-KA Series enlarge

    SLZ-KA Series

    Whisper quiet and with a discreet, compact console, the SLZ-KA series of ceiling mounted reverse cycles provides the perfect air conditioning solution for rooms with limited wall or ceiling space. The cassette air conditioner can be mounted within the space of a standard 2 metre square ceiling panel, whilst maintaining the highly efficient inverter technology for which Mitsubishi Electric is known.

    A 4.2kW cooling and 4.5kW heating capacity makes the SLZ-KA series the optimum choice in all seasons, with a one-touch control system allowing users maximum customisation and comfort. Other features include a 7-day programmable on/off schedule and 12 hour timer, alongside an auto restart capability in the event of a blackout or power shortage.

    The SLZ-KA series also offers healthy indoor air quality as a result of its built-in filter, which can be easily maintained with regular vacuuming and boasts a 2 500 hour performance lifespan. The series is also compatible with Mitsubishi Electric's MXZ-VA range of multi-split systems. To find out more information, click here.

  • MFZ-KJ Series enlarge

    MFZ-KJ Series

    Boasting near-silent operation and a simple, compact design, the MFZ-KJ range of wall-mounted reverse cycle inverters proves that good things can certainly come in small packages. The energy efficient consoles are designed for mounting at floor level, featuring a removable base and low 600mm height.

    Air conditioning units in the MFZ-KJ series are equipped with a multi-flow vane for complete control and customisation of airflow, allowing for optimum user comfort. The result of a user-oriented design process, the range also features a weekly timer and capacity for up to eight unique on/off setting patterns per calendar day. Supplied with a 5 year comprehensive warranty, the MFZ-KJ series is also fitted with catechin and anti-allergy enzyme filters for cleaner and healthier air.

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