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Comfort Heat Australia prides itself on a high level of customer and technical support. With the Comfort Heat twin cable technology and clip to mesh installation technique, installing your floor heating has never been easier. Floor sensing thermostats ensure you never overheat your floor and have a consistent heat distribution, saving you money. Comfort Heat provides you with all your electrical loads and liaison with your builder or electrician to get the job done. Comfort Heat heating kits and installations are custom designed to fit the individual home or commercial application.

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  • Comfort Heat DIY Floor Heating Kits enlarge

    Comfort Heat DIY Floor Heating Kits

    All Comfort Heat Floor heating cables are available with DIY kits, including all the materials required to complete installation, including a design layout, and cable runs, making installation simple and assuring an even distribution of heat. Comfort Heat Floor heating kits are ideal for floor plans of 100mm-200mm clearance from the walls and the fixtures, and will help to decrease installation time when an installer is not being employed.

    Kit includes: Superior comfort heat heating cable or mat + Floor sensor + Metal retaining mesh + Installation instructions, design layout + Technical support

  • Comfort Heat In-Slab Heating enlarge

    Comfort Heat In-Slab Heating

    Comfort In-Slab heating is a heating cable suitable for big areas and is connected to off peak electricity. It uses the concrete slab as heat storage. Response time depends on slab insulation and its thickness. The in-slab cable has a nominal heat output of 160W/m2 at 200mm spacing. It is provided in predetermined lengths with cold tails. This cable construction is especially designed to meet the demanding needs of In-Slab heating cable.

    Flexible double insulated cable avoids installation damages like tight bends and kinks + Cable has multi stranded conductor and Kevlor core + Core gives superior tensile cable strength which prevents cable failure due to slab movement

    Insulation rating: 4000 V + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC + Rated Output: 160W/m2 + Cold tail length: 4 metres with splice connection + Cable diameter: 4.6 mm + Cable standard: IEC800 Class II

  • Comfort Heat In-Slab Hydronic Heating enlarge

    Comfort Heat In-Slab Hydronic Heating

    Comfort Heat In-Slab Hydronic floor heating is a flexible pipe system which operates by using geothermal heat pumps, gas and solar Comfort Heat Hydronic systems are installed in the cement bed and is then clipped to the reinforcing steel. This is a sustainable way to heat from the floor to the ceiling, and is used in numerous large floor heating installations, such as school halls and gyms . Installation is instantly done.

    10-year Warranty + Applied in direct and background underfloor heating + Pipe type is PEX-A + Durability is 100 percent impermeable to oxygen and water vapour diffusion + Pipe spacing: 200 mm + Pipe diameter: 16mm x 2 mm

  • Comfort Heat Mirror Heat enlarge

    Comfort Heat Mirror Heat

    Mirror Heat is a specially designed ultra thin heating element that is easily attached to the rear of a mirror and keeps it free from steam. When Comfort Heat Mirror Heat is installed and switched on, the mirror become warm and dry within minutes and gives a clear reflection at any time. The mirror heat system is specially designed by Comfort Heat Australia, with devices available in various sizes as per customer needs.

    Product includes + Supply voltage: 240/240V + Heater thickness: 0.4 mm + Cable length: 1000 mm + Warranty: 5 years

  • Comfort Heat Thermostat Range enlarge

    Comfort Heat Thermostat Range

    Comfort Heat Thermostat Range is designed for electric under floor heating systems. These thermostats are flush mounted and provided in three types: Standard, Programmable and Home Automation Thermostat. Standard Thermostats have adjustable control with floor sensors. This allows for a constant temperature with on and off switch. The programmable Thermostat can be digitally programmed for one week. The home automation thermostat is compatible with setback functions and is installed in the central switchboard.

    All thermostats have floor sensors that maintain a consistent temperature + Floor sensing thermostats are the safest and most energy efficient control option available + Ensures that the floor is not overheated + Desirable control of temperature

    Supply voltage: 240Vac, 50/60hz + Built in switch: 2 pole 16 A + Temperature range: 0 to 50+ Celsius + Sensor length: 3m + Warranty: 2 years

  • Comfort Heat Under Carpet Heating enlarge

    Comfort Heat Under Carpet Heating

    Under Carpet floor heating mats are specially developed to offer invisible heating under any carpet. These heating mats feature a fully braided earth shield and are woven into the textile webbing, then installed between the carpet and the underlay. The heating mats are installed close to the floor surface and have instant response time within thirty minutes. Comfort Heat Under Carpet heating is suitable for large or for small areas, and available in a range of adjustable pre-determined widths and lengths which allows coverage to all room shapes.

    Direct and background underground heating systems + Single conductor heating cables are used with earth screens + Constructed with multi stranded heating wire which is wound around Kevlar core giving double insulation, sheath and earth screen

    Insulation rating: 4000V + Cable standard: IEC800 Class II + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC + Cable diameter: 2mm

  • Comfort Heat Under Tile Heating enlarge

    Comfort Heat Under Tile Heating

    Comfort Under Tile Heating are a range of cables and mats that are used in a variety of tiled floor installations, providing instant response time and safe heating even in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Also known as in-screed cables, they are installed in the cement screed beneath the tiles or any of the finished floor surfaces, creating a completely invisible heating solution.

    Available with both single and twin conduction cables + Keeps bathroom, laundry or kitchen floor warm

    Output: 160W/m2 + Cable standard: IEC800 Class II + Cable diameter: 4.6 mm + Cold tail length: 4 metres with splice connection + Rated output: 175W/m2 + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC + 10 year warranty

  • Comfort Heat Under Timber Heating enlarge

    Comfort Heat Under Timber Heating

    Under Timber heating foils are thin heating elements with dry installations, ideal for any fixed or floating timber floors. The foil has double insulated heating cables which are woven into textile webbing with aluminium foil. This foil is attached to one surface to ensure heat distribution, and the foil is then installed between the floor battens or directly beneath the floating floor. Such foils have nominal heat output at approximately 150W/m2, and are available in any predetermined length. Thermostats control foils through under floor sensors, so that the temperature of the floor under the timber does not exceed 27 Celsius.

    Direct and background underfloor heating system + The cable is single and twin conductor heating cables have earth screens

    Insulating rating: 4000V + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC +Foil diameter is 1 mm + Warranty: 5 years –

  • Comfort Heat Underlays & Foot Warmers enlarge

    Comfort Heat Underlays & Foot Warmers

    Comfort Heat Underlay and Foot Warmers provide localised comfort in domestic and commercial applications. Comfort underlay provides simple, effective mobile heating placed directly under carpet or rugs, and is therefore an affordable solutions for the lounge room or office.

    Heat underlay and foot warmers warranty: 5 years + Heat underlay: size 1.30 × 1.80m; output 480W + Size 1.5 × 2.1 m; output 630W + Cold tail length: 4 metres + Heat mats: size 0.5m x 0.7m; Output 65W + Size: 0.6 m x 0.9 m; output 95W + Cold Tail length 1.5 metres