Dorf Clark's Eureka 35 litre compact tub and cabinet is a two-in-one, space-saving solution for your laundry that will help you wash and go while keeping your laundry tidy and organised. Made from long-lasting and hard-wearing world-class stainless steel, the Eureka 35 litre is easy to clean, superiorly hygienic and stylishly metallic. It's rust-proof white permacoat cabinet matches it's stain and odour resistant stainless-steel tub so that the Eureka 35 litre compact tub and cabinet will look as good as it works for years to come. The tub and cabinet is fully functional and is available with standard or concealed single by-pass as well as one plug and waste. 


Two-in-one unit  +  World class stainless-steel with 25 year warranty  +  Includes one plug and waste  +  Rust-proof white permacoat cabinet  +  Stain and odour resistant stainless-steel 


35L capacity  +  606 x 380mm 


Eureka 45 Litre Tub & Cabinet  +  Eureka 45 Litre Compact Tub & Cabinet  +  Eureka Double 45 Litre Tub & Cabinet  +  Utility 42 Litre Tub & Cabinet  +  Single 70 Litre Standard Tub & Cabinet   

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  • Dorf Clark's Jovian Sink Mixer enlarge

    Dorf Clark's Jovian Sink Mixer

    The Jovian Sink mixer is part of Dorf Clark's stylish and efficient range of commercial and residential kitchen ware that features striking European aesthetics.   The sink mixer's unique look will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen with its sharp and distinct lines intensified by smoothened edges.  With a WELS 4 star rating and options for installers to adjust the sink mixer's cartridge, the Jovian sink mixer can also perform more efficiently by reducing energy consumption. 

    7.5L p/min

  • Single 30 Litre Flushline Tub by Dorf Clark  enlarge

    Single 30 Litre Flushline Tub by Dorf Clark

    The single 30 litre Flushline tub for laundries by Dorf Clark is an example of the company's long-standing belief that designer ware should be explored throughout the home.  The tub includes a low-profile edge that leaves flush edges against benchtops for a clean finish that minimises dirt build up and eases cleaning costs.  The single flushline tub comes in a range of standard and compact sizes to suit your required bowl capacity as well as laundry spaces of large and especially small sizes.  The single 30 litre Flushline tub is available with or without a by-pass.  A double tub model is also available from the Flushline range. 

    Cut Out Size: 526 x 356mm, 36mm corner radius, 30L bowl volume

  • Ingressi Sink Mixer by Dorf Clark  enlarge

    Ingressi Sink Mixer by Dorf Clark

    The sharp lines of Dorf Clark's Ingressi Sink mixer brings beauty and style to everyday kitchen activities. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, the Ingressi sink mixer is a sculptural centre-piece to any kitchen with an impressive WELS 4 star rating. This ensures water is saved for the benefit of your pocket and the environment, without compromising performance. The Ingressi sink mixer can also be seen in applications around the laundry and comes in a world-class stainless-steel body.

  • Clark enlarge


    Since its establishment in 1941, Clark has remained at the frontline of the Australian kitchen and laundry industries, delivering products that are innovative, functional, and stylish. 

    From kitchen sinks to culinary accessories and laundry storage, the selection of Clark products for domestic kitchens and laundries is expansive and versatile, and certain to complement ay contemporary household. 

  • Dorf Kitchen Sinks Range enlarge

    Dorf Kitchen Sinks Range

    There’s nothing more at home in an Australian kitchen than a Clark sink. From the simplest weeknight meal to the largest family gatherings, there are Clark sinks and accessories to help make meal preparation as easy and enjoyable as eating! Choose a Evolution, Fusion, Pete Evans, Quatro, Cellini, Monaco, Entertaining, Advance, Benchmark, Vital, Speciality, or Commercial sink to complement your kitchen.

  • Dorf Alfresco Range enlarge

    Dorf Alfresco Range

    Blessed with a climate that allows us to spend time outdoors, the Australian lifestyle is shifting towards alfresco dining. Clark celebrates this shift, with a comprehensive range of sinks to create both indoor and outdoor food preparation and washing up zones. Choose a Fusion, Pete Evans, Quatro, Cellini, Monaco, Entertaining, Benchmark, Vital, or Speciality sink to enhance your alfresco experience.

  • Cellini Single Bowl with Tap Landing enlarge

    Cellini Single Bowl with Tap Landing

    The much loved round sink range, Cellini, is stylish and organic. Easy to clean as well as functional, Cellini is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Available as an undermount and overmount design, as well as with a tap landing to accommodate the latest mod cons including a water chiller or pop-up waste device, the Cellini Single Bowl has a volume of 20L. Select a single bowl or for extra versatility go for a pair and double the style.

  • Dorf Kitchen Accessories enlarge

    Dorf Kitchen Accessories

    The modern kitchen isn't complete without accessories. Pay attention to the details with the Clark range of chopping boards, laundry accessories, Peter Evans accessories, drainer trays, draining baskets, bowl savers, colanders, board & colander sets, wastes, and waste bins.

  • Kitchen Mixer Taps Range enlarge

    Kitchen Mixer Taps Range

    Clark taps combines functionality with effortless style. Versatile, heat resistant, and easy to clean, these taps are the perfect complement to any modern kitchen. Choose from the Krysten, Cirrus, Jovian, Epic, Quatro, Arona, Maximum, and Pete Evans ranges.

  • Dorf Laundry Range enlarge

    Dorf Laundry Range

    Why should the laundry be given any less thought than other rooms of the home? No longer just an afterthought, your choice of laundry tub deserves time and attention and Clark is as well established in the laundry as it is in the kitchen, offering a range of Flushline tubs and tubs with cabinets to fit all requirements. Most Clark laundry tubs are available in both standard and compact orientations, have both standard flexible by-pass and concealed by-pass options, and taps can either be installed exposed above the washing machine or can be cleverly hidden inside the cabinet.

  • Dorf Butler's Pantry Range enlarge

    Dorf Butler's Pantry Range

    A kitchen within a kitchen, the Butler's Pantry acts as a staging area for serving the main meal, or as an overflow area to take the pressure off the main kitchen. Often out of sight behind bi-fold doors, it is the ultimate in discrete preparation zones, and Clark has a range of specially designed sinks that fit in almost any space. Choose a Fusion, Pete Evans, Quatro, Cellini, Monaco, Entertaining, Benchmark, Vital, or Speciality sink to make your kitchen experience more enjoyable.

  • Epure Evolution 1.5 Bowl by Dorf Clark   enlarge

    Epure Evolution 1.5 Bowl by Dorf Clark

    Kitchen sinks and bowls by Dorf Clark are about making bold statements in the kitchen that mix sleekness with superior functionality. The Evolution 1.5 bowl is part of Clark's European inspired Epure range that mixes the kitchen and laundry specialist's signature stainless steel looks with sharp lines. Evolution 1.5 includes a large and half size bowl with a drying space cleanly grooved for stylish water runoff. A deep channel drawer design also lets water run off faster while washing or preparing food to boost efficiency in the kitchen. The kitchen sink's minimal look is partnered with Dorf Clark's world class stainless steel, finished pressed to resist both stains and odours for a hygienic kitchen that's easy to maintain. The stainless steel's quality and durability is guaranteed with a generous 25 year warranty that also ensures the steel's metallic brilliance never fades. The Epure Evolution 1.5 Bowl includes a standard waste basket and a matching evolution timber preparation board (Evoboardo). Available in both overmount and undermount designs in a range of sizes, Evolution is ideal for residential applications in all scales.

    Bowl size: 340 x 440mm

  • Epure Evolution Sink Range enlarge

    Epure Evolution Sink Range

    With a modern European vision, Epure’s Australian designers have created an elegant range of high quality sinks to match modern kitchens. Thinking outside the square, the designers have removed the conventional softened contours and introduced a unique square design - the result, a bold and striking series.  The stylish minimalist appearance is more than enough to allure anyone into owning a kitchen with Epure.  The range is available in a variation of sizes to ensure that anyone can have it.

  • Dorf Clark's Maxum Wall Sink Set  enlarge

    Dorf Clark's Maxum Wall Sink Set

    The Maxum wall sink set is part of Dorf Clark's extensive range of tap ware ideal for all Dorf Clark kitchen and laundry sinks. This elegantly designed wall sink set consists of a generous but simple geometric curve, constructed with solid brass for long-lasting beauty. The Maxum wall sink set's aesthetic appeal is conveniently matched with a water saving WELS 4 star rating, for the environmentally and visually conscious. A unique, tailored effect is achieved with laser etched hot and cold indicators on each handle showing that every bit of detail counts for the Maxum wall sink.

  • Dorf Clark's Razor Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink enlarge

    Dorf Clark's Razor Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

    Clark's Razor single bowl undermount kitchen sink is a 201mm deep single bowl with a distinct hand made design ideal for small kitchens.  The Razor single bowl is a refined kitchen sink solution boosted by Clark's sixty years of experience in the laundry and kitchenware industry. The kitchen sink's clean and razor sharp lines are a bold statement of style and functionality in the kitchen, boasting a stainless steel finish pressed from the world's best 18/10 stainless steel with a 25 year warranty.  This stop quality stainless steel is resistant to odours and stains, a feature that makes the crisp finish easy to maintain and a hygienic kitchen an effortless possibility.  Razor is available as a double bowl, 1.5 bowl as well as a single bowl with a drainer and features a quality standard basket waste available in three sizes.  

    Dimension: 400 x 400mm

  • Epure Orion Sink Range enlarge

    Epure Orion Sink Range

    Epure’s Orion Sink Range is stylishly modern.  The range has a satin finish and sleek appearance catagorised into four types of sinks the range- the main bowl overmount for minimal spaces, the main bowl undermountwith which has the same compact and generous features as the overmount only in the undermount design, the 1.5 bowl undermount with two bowls, and the double bowl undermount large bowls for maximum versatility.  Epure is known for their high quality products, second to none and the best that money can buy.


    Avaible in a series of stylish variations  +  high quality  


    Range of dimensions inclye the main bowl overmount 382 x 462 x 190 mm to the double bowl undermount sink 750 x 470 190 mm  +  Capacity ranges from 7.5L to 23 L

  • Dorf Clark's Utility 42 Litre Tub and Cabinet  enlarge

    Dorf Clark's Utility 42 Litre Tub and Cabinet

    The Utility 42 litre tub and cabinet by Dorf Clark is constructed with a general purpose design ideal for all residential laundries. The tub and cabinet combination also includes a clever built-in floor to easily keep stored items clean and neat.  As with all Dorf Clark products, the Utility 42 litre tub includes a world-class stainless-steel tub, to keep maintenance and hygiene as simple as possible. The Utility 42 lite tub and cabinet combination includes single by-pass as well as a stainless-steel standard basket waste.  


    Two-in-one unit  +  World class stainless-steel with 25 year warranty  +  Includes standard basket waste  +  Rust, Stain and odour resistant stainless-steel   


    42L capacity  +  600 x 873 x 500mm 


    Eureka 35 litre Compact Tub & Cabinet Eureka  +  45 Litre Tub & Cabinet  +  Eureka 45 Litre Compact Tub & Cabinet  +  Eureka Double 45 Litre Tub & Cabinet  +  Single 70 Litre Standard Tub & Cabinet

  • Dorf Clark's Fascia Hand Basin (400 x 200mm)  enlarge

    Dorf Clark's Fascia Hand Basin (400 x 200mm)

    The Fascia hand basin (400 x 200mm) is part of Dorf Clark's highly durable and functional commercial stainless steel range.  Australian designed and made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the hand basins are suitable for tough industrial and commercial applications.  As with all Dorf Clark stainless steel products, the Fascia hand basin is pressed from the world's finest 18/10 stainless steel; strong, hygienic and resistant to odours and stains.  The Fascia hand basin's striking aesthetic is also a suitable addition to residential warehouse apartments where both it's strength and looks is ideal.  The range also includes stainless steel urinals, cleaners sinks and waste baskets.  The Fascia hand basin requires two Y4902 brackets that are sold separately from Dorf Clark.  


    Heavy duty stainless steel  +  Stain resistant  +  Hygienic  +  Odour resistant  +  Durable  +  Includes one quality plug & waste 


    400 x 200mm  +  Requires two Y4902 brackets (sold separately)

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