9 June 2009

Icon Cushions from Versace Home

Icon Cushions from Versace Home
Dress up and add flair to sofa, couches and arm chairs with these iconic cushions from Versace Home. The creme de la crème of textiles and fabrics, these sophisticated plush cushions will add style and sophistication to any living room. The Versace Home contemporary collections with their restrained and sophisticated style unfold around the chromatic duality of black and white. Shapes, decoration and embroidery feature a disciplined and ultra modern approach, emphasised by that unique component which unmistakably identifies all Versace Collections: the Greek fret, a motif drawn from the world of classical references and reinterpreted in a modern key to appear again and again.


About the Company
Founded in the fashion-powerhouse city of Milan in 1978, Versace was formed by Gianni Versace. Now it has evolved into a powerful design-house and a household name for luxury designer goods. Versace Home designs, manufactures, distributes and retails luxury products for the home, bearing Versace's typical signature of Italian excellence.
The company designs, manufactures, distributes and retails luxury products ranging from haute couture of Atelier Versace, to prêt-à-porter collections, from jewellery to perfumes, from home furnishings to porcelain services for the table. In addition to the above, a variety of other projects relating to lifestyle and design also bear the Versace signature: luxury resorts, private jets and helicopters, limited edition supercars. Versace Home is today a standard bearer of Italian excellence throughout the world.

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