28 September 2009

Element™ by big Ass Fans®: the industrial fan reinvented for commercial spaces

Three months in the pipeline, Big Ass Fans' new Element fan for large commercial spaces really is a big deal. And yes, at 12 feet in diameter, it is also very definitely a Big Ass Fan. Designed for large air-conditioned commercial spaces where people work, exercise, eat, shop and congregate, Element is an energy-efficient, silent air movement solution that offers a 10-15% reduction in costs when compared to stand-alone air conditioning systems, thanks to its immense size, aerodynamically designed winglets and airfoils, and silent, maintenance-free Element Drive™ operation. With a variety of techno-chic aesthetic options available, the Element fan can blend in with the background, or you can transform your Big Ass Fan into a real architectural feature (and a functional one at that).