19 March 2009

LED Lighting from Kone; don't get left in the dark again!

Kone is known worldwide for its open-minded approach to research and development. While exploring technologies in other industries and monitoring changing trends, customer needs and working methods, Kone has taken a long-term approach to meeting people flow needs, concentrating on optimizing total lifetime costs.

The LED lighting for elevators is a clever initiative from the team at Kone. Up to 35% of the cost of running an elevator is related to it's lighting. In keeping with Kone's environmentally responsible objectives, LED lamps reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to halogen lights. This can amount to savings of 560kw per hour annually for every elevator. LED lightings lasts up to five times longer than halogen lamps and retro kits are now available from Kone.

Sustainability is also a solid part of new innovations; with innovative maintenance and modernization solutions, Kone provides efficient performance and peace of mind for the full life of the equipment.

This is how Kone breaks through solutions and raises the bar for the industry, creating a complete experience with aesthetics, comfort, safety and accessibility... Because an elevator trip is not just a ride, it’s a travel experience.


During its more than 98 years as an industrial engineering company, Kone has been involved in businesses as varied as textile manufacture, medical technology and the design of hydraulic piping systems. The company's main focus, however, has always been the elevator and escalator business.
Over the years, Kone has proven it's ability to adapt to a changing world as well as to create new opportunities for corporate growth. Kone's objective is to offer the best people flow experience by developing and delivering solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting in buildings in an increasingly urbanizing environment.

Kone provides its customers with industry-leading elevators, escalators and innovative solutions for modernization and maintenance, and is one of the global leaders in its industry. The role of innovation is growing. A lot of today’s people flow challenges are the result of urbanization together with an aging population and infrastructure. Whatever the challenge, Kone is committed to making people’s lives easier.

Kone’s key customers are builders, building owners, facility managers and developers. In addition, architects and consultants are key parties in the decision-making process regarding elevators and escalators. Simultaneously, Kone’s leadership in the industry enables operational excellence and cost competitiveness.