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  • Renzo Piano's Harvard Art Museums

    Renzo Piano's Harvard Art Museums

    It's hard to imagine any other architect who could match Renzo Piano's skill, dexterity and imagination when it comes to the Harvard Art Museums project. Confronted with a confined space, difficult neighbours and a high profile client, Piano has carried out a fiendishly challenging consolidation of assorted museums, resulting in a coherent whole. Without Piano's light touch, renowned versatility of design, and sensitivity to existing structures, the masterful result is unimaginable. 

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  • Engawa House

    Engawa House

    Engawa House is at once raw and refined; a compelling fusion of urban sophistication and disarming simplicity. Designed by Anthony Clarke of Black Line One X Architecture Studio (BLOXAS), an elegantly minimalist addition to an existing house has transformed this enviable family home.

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  • Hunters Hill House

    Hunters Hill House

    Designed for a family of Italian and Sri Lankan heritage and inspired by a scrapbook of projects in Europe, Asia and South America, this house in the leafy Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill has been shaped by a smorgasbord of influences. By carefully selecting a complementary material palette and applying a distinctive aesthetic throughout the house, Brisbane-based architects Arkhefield have unified these influences into a cohesive residence. Relaxed and effortlessly stylish, the house radiates refined elegance and taste. 

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  • Waverley Residence

    Waverley Residence

    With their AIA-shortlisted Waverley Residence, Sydney-based Anderson Architecture have crafted a project that is as finely designed as it is economically and environmentally responsible. Having specialised in sustainable residential design for over twenty years, the firm are well versed in creating spaces that are at once attractive, functional and responsive to its site. 

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  • Five Courts House

    Five Courts House

    A vacant builders yard, overrun by weeds and containing nothing but perimeter walls, has been transformed into an intimate home in Sydney's inner west. Emerging from an unorthodox site, the resulting house is a mass of geometric forms, unconventional angles and intricate detailing.

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  • Southern Outlet House

    Southern Outlet House

    You have to look twice at Philip M Dingemanse's Southern Outlet House to work out whether it's a residence, a public building or an art installation. Perched on the side of a steeply sloping hill in Tasmania, this striking structure pops with colour and character. Creative and self-assured, the house – designed, built and owned by the architect – is full of personality. 

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  • La Ascensión del Señor

    La Ascensión del Señor

    Already recognised as a firm to watch in the commercial and residential realms, AGi Architects have made their first foray into religious architecture with resounding success. Bringing their unique blend of innovation and pragmatism to Seville, AGi's La Ascension del Señor Church is a reinvigoration of the church typology within a rapidly expanding suburban core. The project was undertaken with a 'double perspective' that firmly grounded AGi's conceptual exploration of the contemporary church within an economically aware framework. By reconciling two often opposing viewpoints, the project is able to perform for both its immediate occupants and those of the surrounding locality. 

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  • Theatre de Stoep - UN Studio

    Theatre de Stoep - UN Studio

    Rising majestically over the still waterscape, regally resplendent in purple and white, UN Studio's Theatre de Stoep combines a futuristic form with some serious old school glamour. Dramatic inside and out, this regional theatre has reshaped the cultural scene of the Dutch town of Spijkenisse. 

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Displaying Results: 1 - 8 of 8
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