Specifier Magazine Issue 114

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  • Church of 100 Walls

    Church of 100 Walls

    Religion is not, in essence, about dogma and rituals, but about a search for meaning. The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu, Philippines – nicknamed, for obvious reasons, The Church of 100 Walls – embodies the experience of this search through its very illegibility; its anti-form. With  labyrinthine passages and multiple doors, the church is both a mystery and a source of enlightenment. 

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  • Memory Wound

    Memory Wound

    On the 22nd of July 2011, a pair of terror attacks was carried out on Norway's government quarter in Oslo and subsequently at a Labour Party-run summer camp in Utøya. The horror of the events elicited a global reaction of disbelief and profound sadness. Three years on, the question of remembrance has come to the fore, with a competition to design memorial sites recently won by Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg. The Memory Wound is his architectural ode to the monumental loss at the summer camp on Utøya Island.

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  • Rest House

    Rest House

    The result of a long-standing personal relationship between the clients and architects, The Rest House is a home designed for friendship and entertaining. Functioning primarily as a residence for an active retiring couple, it was vital for the clients that the house have the flexibility to have friends and family stay on weekends. The light, open, low maintenance house is set over two levels, with multiple outdoor entertaining areas enabling al fresco dining all year round, despite changing seasonal conditions and the prevailing sea winds. 

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  • Yellingbo Artists' House

    Yellingbo Artists' House

    Arising from the red earth of the Wandin Valley, the distinctive stone facade of Yellingbo Artists' House makes a bold statement. Although the glass, stone and steel structure contrasts with the natural materials of the surrounding environment, its primitive, fierce appearance is in perfect harmony with its context. A space for the clients - two artists - to live and work in, Yellingbo Artists' House embodies the creativity and beauty that it houses. 

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  • GASP!


    A neglected section of shoreline, disengaged from the community by arterial roads and a lack of access, is once again being appreciated as crowds flock to the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park (GASP!). Room11’s first foray into public architecture, the award-winning GASP! brings new life to the region. 

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  • Branch Studio

    Branch Studio

    A corrugated iron shed in rural Victoria might seem like a strange subject for an article. But the new workspace of the award-winning Branch Studio Architects is more than a 'kitsch Australian shed'; with sweeping views across a mature orchard, the light-filled studio is the antithesis of the traditional enclosed structure. Designed by Brad Wray and Nicholas Russo to house their new collaborative practice, this studio is a truly creative space. 


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  • Abedian School of Architecture

    Abedian School of Architecture

    Housing the next generation of architects, Bond University's new Abedian School of Architecture is, appropriately, an exemplar illustration of good design. Both a learning and a social environment, the building caters for the diverse needs of the student population. Sheltered to the north and airy to the south, platforms, pockets, corners, eyries and escape runs punctuate the space, allowing for lectures, study, and social gatherings to occur simultaneously. 

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  • Emerson College LA

    Emerson College LA

    Sunset Boulevard has a new architectural star with Emerson College's campus in Los Angeles. Housing the Boston-based college's semester-long internship program – through which students gain professional work experience with television and film studios, music companies, media outlets and marketing agencies – the building brings East Coast metropolitan energy to an iconic LA setting. Designed by the internationally revered Thom Mayne of Morphosis, the building is a bold, imaginative paean to the the bright lights of Hollywood. 

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