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As Australia works to become part of the climate change trend with the introduction of the Carbon Tax Law, Weathertex is turning negatives into big positives. Who would have thought that an industrial factory would return massive carbon savings long before it is compulsory to do so?

Weathertex can proudly boast that its products have a better than zero carbon footprint.

Timber is the only building material that is completely sustainable. Carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere as trees grow, is the source of carbon in new timber cells. When timber is used to produce building products, the carbon stored in the timber cells remains locked up in the timber for the life of the product.

The trees used to produce Weathertex cladding have sequestered sufficient carbon dioxide during their growth to counter any carbon dioxide equivalent emissions produced at the Weathertex factory during its manufacture.

Weathertex puts sustainability and durability at the forefront of all its products. This ensures Weathertex delivers natural, long lasting, eco-friendly timber products to customers in Australia and around the world.

Sustainably manufacturing a highly durable product is an important part of Weathertex’s environmental impact. Weathertex’s timber product is the only product of its kind in the world, containing absolutely no artificial glues or binders.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, Weathertex is proud to deliver sustainable and durable reconstituted
timber products.

Weathertex produces 100% of its product from sustainable new growth Australian hardwood in an ISO 9001 certified process. All hardwood sourced for the production of Weathertex products comes from local new growth forests within 150 kilometers of the site.

Hence using Weathertex Weatherboards or Architectural Panels helps offset the positive carbon footprints of the other construction elements used such as steel, brick, concrete and fibre cement. Timber truly is a carbon friendly building material.

Weathertex will always strive to do its part in our global efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on the world we live in. We are continually learning, assessing and conscious of implementing new emissions reduction technologies, as they become available.

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