Anston Paving Stones

Anston Paving Stones is an Australian company that manufactures masonry products.


Anston Paving Stones is Australia’s leading producer of a broad range of coping and paving products, which are hand-crafted with attractive coloured Australian sand. Pavers are available in more than 400 different shapes and sizes including rectangular, modular patterning and square. They are also available in shapes and sizes as demanded by clients for their specific requirements. The pavers provided by Anston Paving Stones are suitable for both contemporary and traditional landscapes.  

Special creations of Anston Paving Stones include pool coping, stair treads and capping for retention of walls- best for spas, pools and ponds. Options are available for customers to choose from square-edge coping or bull nose available in three thicknesses. Products of Anston are available throughout Australia. A sample piece of paver is available for customers on their choice of colour on request in order to make them see the beauty of the pavers as well as be satisfied with the quality. 

Product Range

Anston Paving Stones offers a wide product range including Bondi, Sorrento, Monaco, Murray in a classic range of colours such as; white cathedral, brown cathedral, midnight cathedral, newham, devon and creswick,

Future Direction

Anston Paving Stones has long been the most trusted company for masonry products in Australia. Keeping customer satisfaction as their top priority and providing superior products with prompt services, Anston Paving Stones wants to get the appraisal of its clients both nationally and internationally.