About Specifier

Specifier Magazine is an established journal of architectural products and projects in Australia. Specifier Online presents full text of current and past issues, covering breakthrough global designs, award-winning Australian architecture, arts features and interviews, as well as a news pipeline, a directory of products and professionals, green building products, and downloadable product brochures.


The Database

Specifier Product Guide is the most helpful and navigable product search tool for architects on the web. No clutter or pop-ups, no impossible labyrinths. The Product Guide lists over 3000 architectural and interior product designers, manufacturers and distributors, naturally unfolding from 2 core categories to 116 sub-categories. Click through to see a company's profile and contact details, or to visit its website. Companies with eco friendly products are marked with a green leaf icon; those with downloadable, high resolution brochures are marked with library books. Useful telephone numbers or product brochures can be printed off and filed with a single click. Enhanced listed companies, marked in bold at the top of their category, include a more comprehensive listing of details, product details and images, with a personal login ID that allows them to constantly refresh their information.

The Cart

Any company of interest can be put into the unique enquiry cart for later. The enquiry cart is an easy and efficient way for architects to communicate with suppliers, and an easy and efficient way for suppliers to generate authentic leads. Checking out the cart lets users send information requests to one or all of the accumulated companies of interest at once, delivering request forms directly to suppliers' email addresses. Leads from the enquiry cart are quantifiable and easy to manage and reply to.

The E-Library

Companies marked with a library book icon are part of Specifier's E-Library resource. A smarter way to display and distribute product brochures or spec sheets, the E-Library allows suppliers to upload up to five of their brochures as high and low resolution PDF's. Architects can download and print them directly from the website, delivering a supplier's best images straight onto an architect's desk and into their presentations.


Specifier Product News

Specifier.com.au creates authentic leads from the people who matter. Its interactive online newsletter, Specifier Product News, is a showcase of seven new product designs sent to 6500 subscribing practices fortnightly. It provides product suppliers with results-based advertising where the leads are qualified, measurable, easy to organise and respond to, and most importantly, guaranteed. You'll get at least 30 responses via a simple enquiry form sent straight to your email inbox.


Specifier.com.au is a comprehensive resource. The best editorial content from Specifier's print edition - plus more - is available online. A News Pipeline features neat snipets of design, art, technology and politics. Specifier All Stars features interviews with leaders in the architecture and design field, from Greg Burgess and John Pawson to PTW, Lab Architecture Studio and FJMT, while our Current and Past Issues features complete articles from the print edition on innovative global practices, RAIA award winning projects and arts features.
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